When designing the Old Bakery, called Alte Bäckerei in german, aspects such as quality, communal living with the possibility of intimate privacy and the personal freedom needs of the residents were particularly important to us.

Only high-quality materials were used during the conversion, and noise and heat insulation were used in what is currently the most efficient form.

A high number of kitchens and bathrooms ensure privacy at all times, even in common areas, giving each individual resident room to develop, regardless of whether they have rented a room or an entire apartment.

We value high-quality equipment even in the simplest rooms. There is WiFi with 200 Mbit throughout the house and satellite TV in all rooms.

The Old Bakery is heated and operated with eco-electricity and eco-gas.

All rooms are fully furnished – down to the bed linen.

Even with the smallest room size, there is no feeling of confinement due to the spaciousness of the common areas – spacious entrance hall and corridors, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and terraces.


In order to keep bureaucracy to a minimum, our rooms are available at a fixed monthly price – including all ancillary costs. Our rental contracts are designed to be flexible – the tenant decides whether the contract is short-term or long-term.

The Old Bakery offers all the comforts for companies that attach particular importance to the respectful accommodation of their external project employees.

In favor of the quality of living, we renounced pure functionality and developed a functional design in connection with art in order to enable the residents to feel spontaneously.

In the knowledge of the complex processes and the high level of bureaucracy behind them, it is particularly important to us to offer companies an offer that is unique in Worms.

Our rental contracts can be canceled on a monthly basis and there are no hidden costs thanks to our all-inclusive fixed price.

Our multilingual administration thus enables the short-term and clearly calculable renting of rooms without a great deal of bureaucracy.

Our approach to communal living makes it possible to use the synergies of community: it lets people who are new to the country and don’t know anyone yet experience contact and help without neglecting the need for privacy and personal freedom.

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